Style Sheets

Why Do We Offer This?

When creating a logo, it’s crucial for clients to receive a brand style guide sheet. It acts as a north star to help unify the look of the brand across the spectrum of marketing materials. (digital + print ads, business cards, email campaigns, printed collateral, website, social profiles, etc.)

Color Palette

This includes an RGB + CMYK color code breakdown for both print and web use. When it comes time to create a printed piece or web graphic for your marketing your brand, you can create a consistent look with a succinct color palette.

Brand Fonts

We give you two different fonts, one for headlines and another body text. If you’re designing a website, we can recommend free google fonts for the web to match the ones you’re using for print.

Mood Board

When establishing a visual language between the client and designer, it’s important to be on the same page before beginning the creation of the logo. The mood board can serve as a way to unite our visual styles before portraying them graphically.


We like to supply a secondary logo that is slightly different from the primary. It’s best when your logo can be broken into two parts; the text and mark should be able to stand by themselves, while still communicating the brand. The sub mark works well in a circular applications: social media profiles, watermarks, sticker or stamp.