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We believe in today’s marketing climate, Instagram has become a micro website for brands.

How Are We Different?

We don’t just show up with a camera or an iPhone and hope we capture what we need. We come in with a shot list, creative concepts, and story boards. Yes, we do output custom photography, graphics, copy writing, animation and video for your brand. But we stopped and asked ourselves, is that enough? We don’t stop there, we promise your account will be on brand, pushing the norms of social media, will have its own photographic preset that compliments your brand colors.

Where Do We Go to Develop Our First Impression of a Brand?

New customers, users, potential employees, vendors, check your social channel PRIOR to visiting your website.

Why? Because it’s the fastest way to get an overall feeling for a company. You’re already on your phone, likely cruising within the app. Rather than pull up Safari, Googling the companies name, hope you got the right URL, hope their SEO is solid…you’re instead going to search on Instagram. And if they don’t have one…you’re left wondering…why not?





Our Belief

We believe there is huge room to grow, tell your story, and build brand awareness through this medium. We believe in viewing Instagram from a holistic perspective. Too many people focus on creating a single post, on the morning they want to publish, where their sole purpose is, “putting it up”. Rather than creating content from a monthly snapshot approach. We believe in creating all the content cohesively; captions, imagery + graphics. This is the best way to create consistency with colors, lighting and brand voice. Then, you’re not left throwing it together hastily on Tuesday morning. With this method, you won’t be left questioning whether or not you should just delete it the post because it didn’t perform or draw engagement.





Our Process

We create all the images, captions, hashtags, schedule AND do the posting for you…because you have a business to run. You get to see all the images and captions in 1 document before it’s posted. We work with you to develop brand voice, style, color palette. Instagram should be a place where your brand goes to thrive. It is possible to stay on brand with your logo, website, and marketing materials.





Custom Color Profile

Remember, when you branded your company and your designer picked out a color palette which helped to create consistency through out web and print applications? Guess what, that same concept is now true with Instagram. Brands that work with a variety of photographers, never achieve that consistency. That’s where we come in, we develop custom Lightroom color profiles for each of our clients. That’s right, we take the time to establish the mood of your photography. Are you light, bright and airy? Is your brand best positioned as moody and desaturated? Should your brand be focusing on an urban setting, out in the wilderness, or in a home? Locations matter, product styling matters—just as much as point of view and pre-planned concepts. Instagram accounts that have this concept figured out, perform best. But since it’s a trade secret, many don’t know this is the psychological reason behind why they love scrolling through some of their favorite Instagram accounts.




*Some images shot by Jenna Al cala. Curation, photography, concepts, captions created by Junerie Design Co.



Ok, So You Make Great Content, But Are You Going to Grow Our Account?

Growth is a natural part of posting organic, well thought out, action driven content. We have additional packages for paid and strategic growth. We suggest starting out organic as you establish your grid, style and creative voice.











*All wedding images shot by Mil ou & Ol in. Curation and grid development by Junerie Design Co.




*Several images shot by Josiah Velasquez. Curation and grid development by Junerie Design Co.






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