Restaurant Interior x Branding

What We Believe

We believe the experience of dining is so much more than just about the food on your plate. We believe it starts from your experience online, browsing the menu, finding parking, to the feeling you get upon walking in the door, how the hostess greets you, getting a table, to what you see on the walls, the conversation you have with your hostess, and of course digging your teeth into that first bite. We believe this happens when the interior, graphic, marketing teams speak the same language. Here’s the process we’re developed for branded interiors…



When designing this sign we had to think about how this particular space was sandwiched in between 7 other eateries on the block. Being the direct middle location, our sign would have to be a bit bolder to get the eye balls we wanted on the space. We chose 2″ thick wood letters and painted them in white and metallic gold to bring a high contrast against the forest green tone. We did brought a 3D element to each part of the logo, including the bike graphic and sub text in Kitchen + Bar. Junerie hired Alyse of Steadfast Craft to build and uninstall the old signs and adhere the new babies in place.




We wanted a hand painted menu to pull together a common element between social and print collateral. We wanted shapes that mirrored the heavy noodle selection at Saigon Alley.

Social Media

Our number one desire when curating a restaurants social presence is to have the experience indicated on social. It’s not about a million photos of food, it’s a page that helps you understand what the full experience looks and feels like. What does the interior feel like? What types of events happen here? What are the company mantras? What inspires the chefs? We aim for variety over repetition. When designing the interior we believe in creating curated vignettes around socially friendly moments.





*Placeholder for interior styling

Installation + Mural Conception 

After thinking over the new sit down dining set up, it felt like we need a piece that can becoming a talking point as this style of dining has people spending more time inside the restaurant. We wanted something people come into see and have a conversation about. What struck us most was to create an installation, so the art would be more impactful in 3D space. We love the idea of using a motorbike surrounded by greenery and plants, some of which are native to Saigon/Vietnam.