Murals & Signage


When we first came up with the name JUNERIE, it was meant to play off the word, eaterie. As we started to see branding expand past the world of print, digital and mobile, it began to creep onto the walls. With the start of Instagram, the term “place making”, was coined. As patrons search on their phone looking for the newest food location to take their next best “gram”.


Place making is a mix of interior design, branding and mural art. We come and photograph your space while brainstorming ways to bring your brand to life through the interior and exterior of your space. We create digital mock ups which gives us a chance to tweak the look before putting paint to the walls. This service is available as purely conceptual, if you’d like to DIY, or we can out and complete the service with the best paints, tool, and precision possible.


We partner with the interior design team, Aura Design Company. Who can draw up plans, help you select furnishings, lighting, and set the overall ambiance of your restaurant or business. We also partner with Stanger Projects to complete murals, special finishes + painted graphics.


Concepts for Together Salon & Marketplace in Midtown Sacramento, CA. 25th and J st.

PROBLEM: Customers could not tell which brand they were shopping with once inside the store. Customers could not see the building from the main strip on J st. The owners also needed a branded place to photograph their new apparel, instead of searching around midtown for a mural that fit their aesthetic.

SOLUTION: the inventory was split in half, to match this intention we painted their logos above the racks and used an illustrated treatment to hug each corner of the room. We picked a color palette that made both owners feel comfortable while paying homage to the TOGETHER brand. From there, we developed a mural that felt cohesive and on brand.

Concepts for Club Raven
Collaboration with Stanger Projects

PROBLEM: Club Raven had an awesome neon sign but from the front of their bar the signage was outdated and needed something punchy with high contrast.

SOLUTION: Instead of charging them for an entire re-brand we gave them new exterior signage. We pulled in the location and year as a tagline, to nod to their vast history in serving East Sacramento.

Concepts for Fitsom Studios
Collaboration with Stanger Projects

Concepts for Creamy’s
Collaboration with Stanger Projects

PROBLEM: The owner Cayla, was taking over an old art studio. The exterior was black, with a masculine pattern. Her brand is a bit more bright, airy, fun and inviting. She wanted an exterior to reflect this.

SOLUTION: We look color inspiration from one of her cheesecake macaroons, crafted a palette and found an interior ombre effect to sell the idea. We chose gold for her logo to bring in the feminine touch that was missing when she took over the building.