Design is a journey. It’s an uncovering. It’s a place where something unique is born. Something that is all your own. You’ll receive a profession look with your progression in mind.

Owner & Founder

Haley Titus

Haley is a Sacramento based designer, with over 10 years of experience in print, digital, and production. After studying Communication design at Chico State University, Haley began her professional career in 2010 with several design agencies. Three years ago, Haley opened her studio, where she is currently accepting new design ventures.

*Why the name? Junerie comes from my middle name. It reminds me to carry on my Grandma June’s spirit through my daily work.

Our Promise —
  • We listen with a patient mindset.
  • We live with respect coupled with grace and understanding.
  • We aim for an honest dialogue to bring greater connection through out the process and a more authentic finalized product.
  • We attend to the details so you don’t have to.
  • We stick to our process for the best results.
  • We value originality and don’t copy others.
  • We take the work seriously, but know how to have a good laugh.
Our Why —
  • We’re passionate about organization, systems, art and design. We love having the opporunity to shape the look and feel of your business. We’re excited by the idea that engaging in a project with you can positively impact the course of your businesses success.
  • Our deep interest in photography, paint, minimalism, and abstract art culminates and inspires us to develop unique design styles.
  • Good design establishes your name, encourages professionalism, builds confidence, evokes action. Our goal is help businesses elevate themselves in a design savvy way. We believe your logo and branding should reflect the same quality of your products and services.
Your Experience —
  • We want our clients to feel ecstatic when releasing their new brand into the world. We take the time to polish every detail on your logo and branding to reflect the type of experience you offer to the world.
  • We care about who your competitors are. We keep in mind who your target audience is and design according to their preferences.
  • We aim to design towards where your brand is headed. We care about the future and creating a look that your brand can continue growing into during the upcoming years.


Web & App Development

Andrew Filip

Andrew Filip is a Digital Product Designer based in Sacramento, California. Currently designing @ Afterlight Collective, Inc. Over the years he has the privilege of creating, designing & developing with Droplr, Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, Niello & Fueled.

Now that you've met the crew...

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